We support Artists so they can Focus on Art, not the “Business of Art”

We support Emerging and Established Artists with Services so that they can focus on Art, not the “Business of Art”: Ranging from Gallery Representation Search to Museum Placement and from Media Representation to Brand Management.

Historically Artists rely primarily on Galleries to nurture their Success. While Galleries are a very important part of the “Business of Art”, the World of Art is evolving:
Artists are Brands and Art is Business.

There is more to a Successful Artist than Great Art. We represent the Business of Art for Great Artists.

  • Gallery Representation Search:
    Galleries are the single most important Partner for a commercially successful Artist. We research and approach Galleries on artists’ behalf to match our clients with the best Galleries for their Art. We work with well established and emerging Galleries that have a reputation of working professionally.
  • Media Representation:
    More than in the past, the Internet has changed how artists are discovered. Media, and particularly Online Art Publications, have become the primary introduction to and Artist. Potential clients directly approach Galleries after having seen the art online. We place artists – and their art- in online art Publications. We also facilitate the submission to prominent Competitions to garner additional online exposure.
  • Museum & Private Collection Placement:
    Artists’ reputation and commercial value is strongly tied to the recognition of having art placed in Museums and prominent Private Collection. We identify opportunities and work collaboratively with galleries, art consultant and interior designers to place works in Museums and Private Collections.


Soteria Art Services was established by Artists who spent too much time on the Business of Art. Gallery Representations, Museum Placements and Media Coverage are the key to being more successful, but they take a lot of time away from the Making of Art.
Soteria Art launched to represent Artists and build closer more productive Relationships with Galleries, Museums, Journalists and Collectors.